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New Affordable, Short-Run Finishing Systems:
By Sean O'Leary,
Chief Technology Officer, PrintPlanet

A Competitive Edge for Commercial Printers?

One of the hidden problems with the digital revolution is that it opens up new business opportunities for everyone - not just you. For example, you may have thought that a high volume inkjet press investment was a strategic move that would put you one step ahead of the competition, but in reality it turned out you're just keeping up with the pack. For small-to-medium commercial printers in particular, striking that balance between the leading edge and the bleeding edge is always a challenge. And as the digital revolution enters its third decade, that treadmill shows no signs of slowing down.

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Graphtec lcx 603

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Digital Press
By Noel Ward, Editor @ Large

There are a couple of legends about digital printing that continue to bring a lot of pain to some print providers. They hamper the expansion of digital print specifically and hurt the print industry in general. Ironically, parts of these legends were initiated and promulgated by some of the very people who built and sold digital presses.

First is the idea that short runs are the main reason to buy a digital press. This has been, and always will be, a perfectly valid reason to pull the trigger on a shiny new Canoxdigo Bizipress 9100i. But it is only one reason. Short runs fill a need and in some ways digital presses have fueled a self-fulfilling prophecy that helped foster the ongoing trend to shorter runs. So if you invest in a digital press you will-and probably should-do a good number of short-run jobs. This fills a need and not doing it leaves money on the table. But it is only a very small part of what the machine can do.

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Horizon smartslitter

Thinking Inside the Box
By Richard Romano, Industry Analyst

It's no secret that each year sees more and more offset work migrating to digital, a technology transfer driven largely by a decline in run lengths. While today's digital presses can productively handle these short runs (however you want to define "short run"), the bottleneck has historically been in the finishing stage. For much of the past 15 years, the lack of finishing equipment that was compatible with digital presses was a common lament. Today the key issue isn't the dearth of digital finishing capabilities, but rather the ability to efficiently finish these short-run jobs, particularly if they involve multiple finishing processes. In order to be profitable, print service providers need to maximize finishing productivity. One way of doing this is by means of what we might call "inside the box thinking": how many finishing processes can be combined into a single machine, or, that is, a single box?

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Horizon smartslitter

Highcon's Euclid III Digital Converting System To Debut at Drupa '16
Highcon has high hopes that the new Euclid III digital cutting and creasing system will to open new doors for high value, custom applications in web-to-pack and 3D modeling that would be economically impossible using traditional methods. Read more here or view some examples of this "visual origami" visit our PHOTO GALLERY or check out the Highcon exhibit at drupa '16.
Euclid III

Digital vs. Traditional Print Packaging A Growth Market. Good News!
Author: Michael Seidl

Digital printing has succeeded in establishing value in the traditional areas of the print media industry, but adoption has been slower in packaging. The exception is label printing. The requirements of the packaging industry are completely different from those in traditional printing, and the players have taken more time to adopt a digital future. But, increasing numbers of producers and customers are recognizing the benefits of digital packaging.

According to the latest forecasts, the volume of the worldwide print market is set to grow to Euro420b by 2020 from a current level of around Euro407b. Projected figures show very clearly that print packaging is the only print industry area that will grow significantly, with a yearly increase of 3.3%, to Euro141b by 2020.

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Bob Weber to Launch Private Label Processless Plates
By Richard Romano, Industry Analyst

The company is rolling out three lines of its
own new private-label processless plates.

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Back To The Future at SGIA 2015
Sean O'Leary

The "Screen Printing" Show as a Mirror of 21st Century Enterprise
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Digital Packaging Summit 2015
Noel Ward

Converting Cognoscenti Gather to see the Future
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Read All About It!
Richard Romano

Changes in Publication Production Call for New Solutions
Download the White Paper

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